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The Best Place to Sell Tickets

StubHub or eBay are great alternatives to use if you’re looking for places for tickets that can be sold. Below are some tips for shipping and customer service charges. If you are seeking to sell tickets for a lower price, eBay is an excellent option. The lower cost is a benefit to buyers, and sellers will are charged $0.30 for each order. Craigslist is a marketplace for many products, has around 200 million visitors per month. Tickets for events with a lot of interest tend to sell out fast. Craigslist is completely free and there are no costs for selling or buying. Sellers are also able to price tickets according to the state’s laws.


If you are looking for an effective and secure method to market your tickets, StubHub is the place for you. You can sell a wide range of tickets through the platform including general admission tickets and seats that are reserved. You can also list the seats and include any additional features you’d like to make the transaction more convenient. StubHub simplifies the whole procedure.

In addition to providing an intuitive user interface, StubHub also charges a 10% commission on the price of selling. The buyer is responsible for the remaining 15%. That means a $100 ticket would bring in 100 dollars if you sold it through StubHub. You have two options to collect your money: via PayPal or by checks. Make sure you have the same email address for both accounts. StubHub will inform you via email if the tickets you purchased have been sold. Then, you will be informed when the tickets are sold, and the payment will be processed within a couple of days.

While StubHub is an authentic website for ticket sales, it does have some problems. Prices are subject to change, the tickets may not be authentic, and you may be charged for shipping fees. You should go through both sides of reviews and make an informed decision based on all the facts. StubHub is also a great service for customer support. If you plan to sell tickets on StubHub be sure to keep these points in your thoughts.

Apart from selling tickets, StubHub ensures that tickets will be delivered in time, have valid entryand are similar to the original ticket. If the event is cancelled StubHub provides an unconditional refund. Additionally, StubHub has many positive reviews from customers that make it the ideal place to offer tickets. When buying or selling tickets on StubHub it is possible to pick from hundreds of other sellers listing.

To sell tickets through StubHub to sell tickets on StubHub, you need to sign up and select an event. Once you’ve done this then you must select the section and row you want to sell, as well as the amount of tickets you are selling. You will be asked to upload the PDF or photo of the ticket within the seller’s section. Sellers will be notified of the transaction after they’ve chosen their tickets. It’s that simple!

Vivid Seats

The most appealing thing about Vivid Seats is the fact that it is the one with the highest traffic of any of the ticket resale websites. Customers can get the cheapest prices possible. The site lets you upload your tickets as well as allow potential buyers to make payments through PayPal. When you’ve received your payment you’ll be able to login to your account and see your tickets. One of the best things about Vivid Seats is that you don’t need to worry about accumulating charges for service since you are able to pay through PayPal or credit card.

A search box is available on the site to help users find what they’re looking for. You can enter a keyword for example, like team name, venue, or performer, and the results will be displayed in chronological order. Vivid Seats is able to accept the majority of major credit cards as well as PayPal Credit as well as Google Wallet. Additionally, it has a “Buyer Guarantee’ policy to ensure that you can be sure that your tickets won’t be unused.

Be aware that Vivid Seats will charge you service charges if you sell tickets. These charges include third-party website commissions, customer service fees, and processing fees. These charges are necessary to ensure the security of the platform and solve any transaction problems. There’s still a lot to be accomplished. There are still many questions to be answered to determine which ticket market is best for you.

StubHub, another ticket-reselling site worth looking into and is definitely worth paying attention to. This site gets over 4000 brand-name searches each month, which is a figure that is lower than StubHub’s two million-plus daily visitors. Vivid Seats has a lower cost structure than StubHub and also offers high-end services that enhance the user experience. Vivid Seats comes with these advantages and is the ideal place to sell tickets.

Ticket Liquidator

In its selling process, Ticket Liquidator is akin approach similar to eBay. You can sell tickets and determine your own prices. You can also choose to sell tickets to events that are not popular. You can earn money in the event you sell tickets with a high demand. If your tickets aren’t in demand, you’ll need to lower the price to draw interest. To attract attention, eBay users will use lower prices.

Ticket Liquidator is a benefit of being a legitimate agent for tickets that follows a standard ticket sales process. The website has an easy-to-use interface as well as a huge search section. The website sells tickets for concerts and sporting events as well. If you’re selling tickets that are not sold on the website, it’s something you need to think about. Be sure to review the policy for refunds before selling tickets through Ticket Liquidator. Ticket Liquidator will accept tickets from professional and amateur ticket sellers.

Ticket Liquidator takes a 10 percent commission on each sale and guarantees buyers will get their tickets. It also offers a customer reselling program that will guarantee entry to events for tickets returned. The company gives a 20% discount on mobile devices , as well as a guarantee of 200 percent on any tickets purchased. The website also lets you do simple browsing of events that are in your area.

Another advantage of Ticket Liquidator is that it does not permit multiple bids. This is a benefit since it allows prices to be kept within a reasonable range. Ticket Liquidator offers a wider variety of shows than eBay. There are numerous kinds of events like performances, sports, and theater shows. They don’t provide immediate delivery.

Ticket Liquidator can also be a great place for tickets to purchase. This site offers tickets from reliable sources at prices you cannot beat. Because they are only selling tickets from trusted sellers, you can rest assured that you won’t be taken off. They will guarantee that your tickets are delivered promptly and are of the highest quality. Ticket Liquidator will reimburse you for any order that is not received.


When you decide where to sell your tickets, there are several locations to pick from. Online classifieds can be a wonderful option to sell tickets at discounts. They usually charge less to list stuff than their competitors This means that sellers can price their items as low as they like. You can also try selling your tickets on eBay However, beware of the dangers. Since they are trying to sell their tickets as quickly as possible best site to buy concert tickets certain sellers may try to offer tickets for sale at the lowest price on eBay. This could also be an option if you possess tickets that are not in high demand.

StubHub is an excellent place to begin to determine whether to put your tickets on eBay. They offer over 10 million events in 40 countries. This makes selling tickets easy and simple for sellers. To sell tickets, buyers must create an account. They are able to decide on the price at a fixed or declining rate. Sellers can also choose to list their tickets on StubHub. After listing their tickets on the website buyers can take them to the center or any other convenient place.

If you’re concerned that you’ve purchased counterfeit tickets, there are several safeguards on eBay. If you’re uncomfortable purchasing your ticket from a scammer seller, you can contact eBay’s dispute resolution department. Always verify the receipt issued by the seller prior to making your purchase and be sure to read the fine print. There are many tickets to sports events on eBay. While selling your tickets on eBay can be lucrative, you must to be vigilant about frauds and stay clear of them.

It is best to hire an intermediary to sell your tickets. While brokers are helpful and instructive, you should steer clear of aggressive brokers. This is because they are more likely to research your tickets’ true value and will offer the best price. While it’s good to have a bidder who is high however, you must ensure that the ticket’s cost is enough to cause an auction. Certain platforms penalize sellers who put tickets that are greater than one dollar outside the their reach.


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